Sri Lanka Army

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20th August 2023 20:23:43 Hours

SLAGSC HQ Stimulates Troops Staging a Variety of Events

In a thoughtful and proactive move, the Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps (SLAGSC) orchestrated a memorable day of camaraderie and entertainment to bolster the mental well-being of its officers and soldiers on 10 August at SLAGSC playground in Panagoda.

Following the thoughtful guidance of the Colonel Commandant, SLAGSC, Major General D. M. K. D. B Pussella RWP RSP, the Regimental HQ hosted a dynamic evening, named "Four Wings," a musical event, infused with talent and vibrancy.

In addition, the same day morning saw a spirited cricket tournament got underway with the participation of SLAGSC units. It provided a platform for friendly competition and physical activity while contributing to the mental stability of the servicemen and women.

Senior Officers, Officers and Other Ranks of SLGSC enthusiastically participated in the day’s programme.