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SFHQ-KLN Scholarship Awarding Programme, a Huge Success

One more segment of award of scholarships to school students, including Grade 5 Scholarship achievers, initiated by the Security Force Headquarters - Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN), occurred on Saturday (7) at Kilinochchi Harmony Centre during a special ceremony.

SFHQ-KLN, which has kicked off the scholarship distribution programme, had by now awarded a total of 1898 scholarships to school students, living in the Kilinochchi area.

Saturday’s grant of 262 more scholarships to those students who excelled in the recent Grade 5 Examination was done after careful selection processes in consultation with school authorities. Prominence was given to students of low-income group families.

The famous entrepreneur, Mr Ricky Wijesinghe, in commemoration of his parents’ 4th death anniversary, has come forward to sponsor the entire programme for those 262 students. Each student is to get a monthly grant against the deposits that have been opened separately in their names.

To gratify the gesture of goodwill, shown by Mr Wijesinghe, the SFHQ-KLN organized a multi-religious programme to transfer merits to the parents of the donor at the same Harmony Centre earlier on the same day. Alms were provided to 7 Buddhist monks at the same location.  

Major General Udaya Perera, Commander, SFHQ-KLN, together with Mrs Udaya Perera, state officials, senior officers, parents, leading citizens and scholarship recipients, attended the day’s events.