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SFHQ-KLN Plays Multi-pronged Roles to Help Students &;amp; Civilians

Security Forces Headquarters - Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN), in its multi-pronged approach to extend humanitarian assistance to the people of Kilinochchi launched several projects in the recent past by harnessing the support of donors and philanthropists.

Encouraged after the recent establishment of a new IT laboratory at Kilinochchi Central College, an open invitation was made seeking assistance to renovate and restart the IT lab at Pooneryn Vigneshwaran Maha Vidyalaya which remained closed due to lack of equipment and furniture.

As a result, donors made four computers and essential furniture available free of charge to this remote school in response to the request of the SFHQ-KLN. During a brief ceremony on November 29, new computers and furniture were donated to the school, enabling it to commence the operations forthwith.

Meanwhile, the supermarket chain, Cargills Foods (Pvt) Ltd patronized a project to distribute a total of 25,000 passion fruit saplings among civilians in Kilinochchi area with the intention of helping them to generate additional income to sustain their lives.

Since the sponsors are prepared to buy products in bulk at reasonable price, the priority in the project was focused on the civilians who have enough space for gardening to make these nurseries as alternative sources of income generation.

In the meantime, SFHQ-KLN troops promptly acted and provided immediate relief support to the people in and around Kilinochchi when many of them were affected by heavy rains and gushing waters.

Keeping the affected public informed of rising water levels in different lakes and tanks, the troops visited their homesteads and provided them with cooked meals, dry rations, medicine and most essentials since many of them could not get out of their houses due to rains and lightning. Troops launching pre-disaster management project of the SFHQ-KLN gave priority to children, women and the elderly who were badly affected during the rains.

Meanwhile, a stock of clothes, donated by Sri Lankan Welfare Association in Malaysia was distributed among 342 child inmates at ‘Mahadeva Ashrama Children’s Home’ at Kilinochchi on account of annual Deepavali Day. It was the same organization which was instrumental in constructing the ‘Bless Virgins’ Children’s Home in Mannar some time ago.

All those projects became successful due to the efforts of Major General Udaya Perera, Commander, SFHQ-KLN and all members of the Army serving the SFHQ-KLN.