Sri Lanka Army

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01st June 2023 21:10:05 Hours

SFHQ-Jaffna Troops Salute Outgoing Jaffna Commander

Major General D.B.S.N Bothota RWP RSP VSV USP psc, who held the office of the Commander of Security Forces - Jaffna, relinquished the appointment on 31st May 2023 to retire from the Army regular force after completing over 35 years of illustrious service.

Prior to leaving Jaffna, the outgoing Commander paid official visits to 51, 52, 55 Infantry Divisions and the FMA (North) in order to address troops and extend courtesies. He offered his gratitude to All Ranks serving in respective formations for the high standards of professionalism maintained during his tenure and committed service, rendered to maintain a peaceful environment in the Jaffna Peninsula.

In accordance with military traditions on 30th May 2023, a Guard Turnout and a Guard of Honour at the Security Forces Headquarters - Jaffna premises of the troops of 16 (V) Gemunu Watch saluted him as a formality before he marked the end of his tenure in Jaffna by signing the official handing-over document at the office premises.

After a while, the outgoing Commander was invited to pose for a group photograph before he addressed the troops and thanked them. Partaking of refreshments with All Ranks culminated the day's proceedings before he was hosted to a formal dinner.