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Published on - 1/10/2006

Security &; Police chiefs meet Trincomalee leaders

CHIEF OF DEFENCE STAFF, COMMANDERS OF THE ARMED FORCES and the Inspector General of Police, in order to take stock of security developments in Trincomalee and its suburbs on Monday (09) met a cross section of religious leaders, politicians and members of civil organizations after a brief tour in the area with a view to defusing tension in the area and seeking remedial measures.

The meeting at 22 Divisional Headquarters in Trincomalee was attended by religious leaders of Buddhist, Hindu, Islamic and Christian faiths, Senior Officers of the Armed Forces and the Police and also the Member of Parliament for Trincomalee, Mr Jayantha Weerasekara.

All participants during the talks highlighted the age-old cordial relations and harmony that has existed in the area and underlined the need to continue such co-existence and brotherhood among Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities.

Chief of Defence Staff Admiral Daya Sandagiri further opined that rthis situation could be remedied, if civilians keep the Security Forces informed as and when terrorist take cover among the civilians after launching attacks on the Security Forces from time to time