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23rd April 2021 06:00:52 Hours

Sector East Commander in MINUSMA Appreciates Role of Departing Sri Lankan CCC

Sri Lanka Army's 2nd Combat Convoy Company (CCC) in Mali (MINUSMA) after completion of its 6 months long turn of duty during which it carried out twenty two Logistic convoy operations to facilitate and provide re-supplies for the smooth function of MINUSMA’s key installations, returned home on Thursday (22).

On the eve of their departure to Sri Lanka, the Commander - Sector East, Senior Colonel Zhu Jinsong paid an official visit to the Headquarters of the Sri Lanka Combat Convoy Company, appreciated duties, performed by departing CCC members and highlighted the professionalism and discipline of Sri Lankan peacekeepers during their stay. He admired the tasks performed to counter clandestine activities during this operation in the MINUSMA which is considered as the deadliest mission among other peacekeeping missions in the world.

The Commander - Sector East was warmly welcomed by the Contingent Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Srinath Gallage and subsequently thanked him for his cooperation in the execution of his duties.

Thereafter, the Sector East Commander was entertained to a tea table, coloured with New Year sweetmeats. At the end, both Commanders exchanged mementos as tokens of friendship and goodwill before all of them sat for a group photo.