Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation


MULLAITTIVU: DISORGANIZED and panicking Tiger organization, now breathing its last, unable to survive in the absence of moral and material support, appeared to have got their priorities mixed, if not torpedoed.     

     The Sea Tiger base they had been running in the PUTHUMATTALAN “No Fire Zone” lagoon area had been reduced to a mere tiny pier, it was found by the troops as they rolled into the base. 

     Terrorists many a time attempted to infiltrate the Defence Lines of the 55 Division north of PUTHMATTALAN before it fell a few days ago, but alert troops foiled all attempts killing many Sea Tigers and destroying their boats.

     One unicorn vehicle, three tractors, one pressure mine, eight RPG (Rocket Propeller Grenade) bombs, three hundred and fifty anti personnel mines, fifty Arul type bombs, two hundred and twenty 5.0 mm ammunition, forty packs of 12.7 ammunition, eighty hand grenades, fifty IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), fifty detonators, twelve claymore mines and one compressor were found from this “Sea Tiger base” by the troops Thursday (23) afternoon, a departure quite different from other places.     

     It is believed most of the boats in the Sea Tiger Base had been forcibly taken away either by fleeing civilians or terrorists themselves when the troops were circling them.

     Troops also found one back-hoe machine, abandoned by the terrorists near a church in the area.