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Published on - 9/30/2005

Royal Military Course on IHL begins

A special course together with a workshop on International Humanitarian Law (IHL), conducted by a board of Legal Advisors from the Royal Military for Sri Lankan Military Officers, is now in progress at the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) Rangala camp.

The board of Legal Advisors comprises of Commander Andrew Jameson, Commander Allen Cole, Lieutenant Commander Joe Turner from the Royal Navy, Major Gavin Davis from the Royal Army and Wing Commander (Lady Officer) Tun Mardell from the Royal Air Force.

Thirty Officers from the Sri Lanka Army, twenty Officers from Sri Lanka Navy and ten Officers from Sri Lanka Air Force are presently attending this course which started on 26th September. Subsequent to the ongoing course, a special training package on the “Law of the Sea”, meant particularly to the Navy will commence on 28th September.