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30th August 2019 12:25:07 Hours

Romanian Expert Touches on ‘Military Readiness and Sustainable Development’

Mr Daniel Gabriel Dinu (Romania), Founder and Managing Partner of the Q Agency focusing on ‘Military Readiness and Sustainable Development’ in the Session 1 of the ‘Colombo Defence Seminar - 2019’ on Friday (30) said that the use of Neuroscience in Development of Military Capabilities is now a need of the day.

He discussed the concept of military readiness in relation to sustainable development and assessed the role of neuro-technologies in achieving military adaptability to the threats, especially to the asymmetrical ones. It would provide insights regarding the dual use of neuro-technologies, creating opportunities for Defence and National Security and implications of these technologies. He also elaborated on the ethical aspects regarding the use of neuro-technologies.

Discussions also centered on over the concepts, introduction in neuroscience, neuroscience for Security & Defence, application of neuroscience and its dual-use, use of neuro-technologies: case studies and ethical aspects & Policy recommendations.

“It is imperative to foster a deeper understanding of neuro-technology, the problems and debates arising from its use in national security and defense, and how such issues can and should be addressed. In doing so, we can guide and govern the use of these innovative neuro-technologies in ways that uphold ethical accountability.

Neuro-augumentation is the use for non-medical (for non-curative purposes) of psychoactive substances and technologies in order to produce a selective improvement of the cognitive and emotional abilities of an individual and augmentation (enhancement) defined as "the totality of interventions is aimed at improving (natural) human anatomy or function beyond what is necessary to restore or sustain an optimal health".

Touching ethical aspects, he added neuro-security framework as a solution can ensure the non-violation of the ethical aspects in the use of neuro-technologies in the security and defence sectors.

“Neuro-augmentation provides a number of tools designed to optimize the working process and to augment cognitive functions in healthy individuals (attention, short term memory, concentration, sensory processing, etc) that may have applications for national security professions.

Neuro-augmentation not only contributes to the achievement of both maximal individual and collective cognitive development in „smart organizations” but also to the realization of distributed cognitive architectures between human intelligence and AI, he concluded. best Running shoes brand | Nike