Sri Lanka Army

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The regulations pertaining to the retirement of Officers and Other Ranks from the Sri Lanka Army is set out in the under- mentioned enactments:

    a.    The Army Act, No 17 of 1949.   
    b.    Army Officers’ Service Regulation (Regular Force) 1992.
    c.    Army Pensions and Gratuities Code, 1981.
    d.    Army Medical and Dental Officers Regulations, 1961.
    e.    Sri Lanka Army (Volunteer Force and Volunteer Reserve) Regulation 1985.
    f.    Soldier Service Regulation 1994.   

Retirement of officers is effected in the following circumstances in keeping with the above regulations:

a.    On reaching the age of 55 years.

b.    On reaching maximum permissible service in the substantive rank either due to the non-availability of vacancies or not being selected for further career progression. 

Substantive Rank        Maximum Permissible Period- Years

(1)    Lieutenant                -        06
(2)    Captain                    -        11
(3)    Major                       -        10
(4)    Lieutenant Colonel    -        08
(5)    Colonel                    -        05
(6)    Brigadier                  -        04
(7)    Major General           -        03

c.    Retirement at age 45 and 50 years, unless promoted to the substantive rank of Major and Lieutenant Colonel respectively.

d.    Retirement upon completion of 8 years of Commissioned service or on reaching the age of 50 years, whichever occurs earlier for Short Service Field Commissioned Officers.

e.    Compulsory retirement.

f.    Withdrawal of commission.

g.    Cashiering.

h.    Dismissal.

i.    Resignation of commission.

j.    Retirement on Medical grounds.

k.    Retirement on request.
Over 1000 Officers have retired in each of the following circumstances during the last five years:

    a.    On reaching the age of 55 years           
    b.    On reaching maximum permissible service in the substantive rank.           
    c.    Retired at the age of 45 and 50 years           
    d.    At the completion of 8 years commissioned service   
    e.    Compulsory retirement               
    f.    Withdrawal of commission               
    g.    Cashiering                       
    h.    Dismissal                       
    i.    Resignation of commission               
    j.    Retirement of medical grounds           
    k.    Retirement on request                   

This process has been practised since the raising of the Sri Lanka Army in 1949 and Officers and Other Ranks are obliged to be aware of this process. Moreover, Officers reaching retirement under any of the above circumstances are notified through a methodical system by Directorate of Army Pay and Records.

It is mandatory for Officers and Other Ranks to retire on reaching 55 years of age and 22 years of reckonable service respectively. This is the most common circumstance leading to retirement. However, retirement in other circumstances such as on reaching maximum period permissible in the respective substantive rank is not uncommon as illustrated by the following cases:

a.    Maj Gen (Retd) W P P Fernando USP psc (O/50586), retired at the age of 49 years on 31 Dec 2001.

b.    Brig (Retd) M M Sumanasena USP (O/50738), retired at the age of 52 years
on 31 May 2007.

c.    Brig (Retd) K S Fernando RWP RSP USP Ldmc (O/50786), retired at the age of 54 years on 29 Nov 2008.

d.    Lt Col (Retd) H N B Herath MIC (O/60162), retired at the age of  42 years
on 1 Jan 2007.

e.    Maj (Retd) D G P Colonne RSP CES (O/60380), retired at the age of 48 years
on 14 Apr 2007.