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Redesigned 'Ranaviruwa' Copy Presented to Commander

Ranaviruwa,’ the monthly magazine of the Army Directorate of Psychological Operations which represents the entire organization recently, received a boost when the Commander of the Army, instructed its editors to redesign its outlook and increase the number of colour pages, giving more space for soldiers’ roles for the sake of the country.
Brigadier B. H.M. A Wijesinghe, Director, Directorate of Psychological Operations, recently met the Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake and presented him with a copy of the newly-redesigned magazine.
The magazine, publishing military as well as socio-cultural events, directly related to the soldiers at ground level with some English prose, now has a circulation of more than 10,000 copies and reaches every Battalion and Unit across the country as per the directions of the Commander of the Army.
This is the only Sinhala magazine that covers the entire Army.