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Published on - 7/7/2008

Police Clear Army\'s Name from Murder

POLICE INVESTIGATIONS conducted into the death of Kandaswamy Prabhakaran (40), an associate of late parliamentarian Mr T. Maheshwaran (MP) in Nallur recently disclosed that the crime has been committed by two criminals who had stormed the house for theft, looting or robbery during the small hours.

Pro-Tiger mouthpieces on 27th June 2008 explicitly blamed the Army troops in Jaffna for the murder, saying that the house of the deceased was situated close to an Army checkpoint, near Arsadi junction in Jaffna, which was totally false.

The victim's mother-in-law Ms Sundaram Gunanayagam (65) in her complaint to the Police claimed that her daughter, Ms Prabhakaran Selvarani, resident in No 52/2, Wymon road, Nallur along with her husband, Kandaswamy Prabhakaran was living there on that fateful day when the criminals broke open their house around 1.40 a.m. on 27th June and committed the murder before the criminals escaped. The criminals observing that the victim was awake had murdered him, according to the witnesses and the Police.

The Police during their investigations found out that the tragedy has no links whatsoever to the Army or Security Forces serving in the area. The Magistrate confirmed that the death had been committed using a sharp weapon which has cut the victim's neck area.

Those distorted pro-Tiger versions, in the face of growing good relations between Jaffna masses and Security Forces, are working overtime to strain relations and tarnish the image of the Army in whatever the way possible as proved in this instance too.