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Published on - 8/8/2005


Photos taken immediately after as well as evidence given by civilians in and around Inuvil, Jaffna where an accidental discharge of the weapon of an Army soldier caused death to a barber on 04th August 2005 around 1.30 p.m. confirm that the unfortunate bullet round had misfired not from inside the saloon but from the outside of the saloon building.

As photos depict (See photos in the story), two soldiers who had entered the saloon for a hair-cut, though their act goes against military standing orders, had allegedly done so mainly because of the good relations that exist between members of the armed forces and civilians. At the same time the two soldiers in question had delivered their own weapons to three other fellow soldiers who were waiting outside for their turn.

LTTE men and their supporters continue to distort facts related to the unfortunate incident and try to project the tragedy as a deliberate homicide purposely committed by the soldiers who wanted hair-cut free of charge after threatening the deceased.

This LTTE orchestrated move with a view to straining friendly relations between civilians and the troops was trigged off by section of opportunists and traitors who wanted to capitalize on an unintentional mistake of a soldier.

For the last three and half years the troops have maintained excellent relations with civilians in the peninsula and it is regretted to note how interested parties have given misleading and factually incorrect interpretation to the whole episode. Those wishing to bring permanent peace to the country are expected to work out its modalities from a broader platform of understanding.