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Peaceful Environment Today - Defence Secy : Jewellers' Assn Gives Rs Two Million to 'Api Venuven Api' Fund

The Government has created a peaceful environment devoid of abductions and kidnapping.

If kidnapping are to be prevented prior information has to be given to the authorities by threatened persons, said Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa when he accepted a cheque for Rs two million donated to the Api Venuven Api Fund by the Sri Lanka Jewellers' Association yesterday.

The donation was made in appreciation of the steps taken by the Defence Secretary to obtain the release of several Sea Street businessmen who had been abducted recently to obtain ransom payments.

The businessmen were saved following information given to the Defence Secretary by Technology and Research Deputy Minister Faiszer Mustapha.

The Defence Secretary said: "We cannot take suitable action to obtain the release of abducted or kidnapped persons without prior knowledge and information regarding the threats faced by the affected parties.

We will not allow anyone to abduct any citizen in this country irrespective of the community to which he or she belonged."

The Defence Secretary also thanked the Tamil Business Community for the donation and the faith and trust they had placed in the Government.

Technology and Research Deputy Minister Faiszer Mustapha was also present. (Courtesy : Daily News)