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Published on - 8/9/2004

Peace Secretariat Chief on visit to Jaffna

Mr Jayantha Dhanapala, Secretary General, Secretariat for Co-ordinating Peace Process (SCOPP), who is held in high esteem at international diplomatic relations, visited Jaffna peninsula, Monday, August 09 in order to meet religious dignitaries, Government Officials, Chiefs of the Security Forces and a representative gathering of public and non-governmental agencies.

Mr Dhanapala on arrival was received by Major General M. D. S Chandrapala, Commander, Security Forces Headquarters, (Jaffna) and subsequently conducted to the Security Forces Headquarters where he was briefed on the security situation in Jaffna and its suburbs. After this briefing, two local Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) representatives met the visiting delegate and discussed matters related to their conduct of affairs.

Later on, Mr Dhanapala in the company of Major General Chandrapala paid a visit to the acting Head of the SLMM in Jaffna, Mr Ronny Persson and Deputy Head of SLMM Naval team Jaffna, Erik Grenne to exchange views on the ongoing cease-fire agreement and latest developments vis-à-vis it. In an attempt to receive an update on civil affairs in the peninsula, he made a tour to the Divisional Secretariat to meet its Secretary Mr. B. Pathmanadan. A large gathering of invitees, including Jaffna University Vice Chancellor Prof. C. Mohandas took part in this discussion.

During the second lap of his tour, Mr Dhanapala had an audience with the Bishop for Jaffna Rev. Thomas Saundernayagam before he met representatives of the UNHCR and other Non-Governmental Organizations for a cordial discussion on matters of importance to related parties.

Brigadier S. G Karunaratne, Director, Operations SCOPP accompanied the visiting delegate throughout the itinerary. Several Senior Officers of the Armed Forces also took part in some of these official discussions.