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05th February 2019 19:32:00 Hours

Patriotic Sri Lankans in Hundreds Throng Streets to Salute UN War Heroes

Hundreds of grateful and patriotic Polonnaruwa and Polpithigama people of all walks lined up along the roads to pay respect to both fallen Sri Lankan UN Peacekeepers when the motorcades carrying their remains reached their residences this morning (5).

National flag carrying vehicles, three-wheelers, motorbikes, push bicycles and people joined the motorcade of late Major H.W.D Jayawickrama of 11 Sri Lanka Light Infantry reached Polonnaruwa this morning (5). Students, state officials, nurses, private sector employees in their uniforms and ordinary civilians, some of who were carrying flowers thronged and paid their respect as the hearse carrying the coffin went past by their locations. Visibly moved some began crying openly while the family members began weeping as the national flag draped coffins were taken into their houses.

As this report was filed, respective Police Stations in close cooperation with Regimental troops of both slain UN War Heroes are providing security to the locations as the number of mourners was fast swelling.

Remains of Major H.W.D Jayawickrama of Polonnaruwa and Sergeant S.S Wijekumara of Thalakolawewa, Polpithigama are now lying in state at their respective homes in their villages. Funerals with full military honours will take place on Thursday (7) at Polonnaruwa and Polpithigama.