Sri Lanka Army

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09th February 2016 23:46:44 Hours

Package Tours to Malaysia Now Available at Concessionary Rates

Sri Lanka Army’s Directorate of Movement-managed Air Travel Services (Pvt) Ltd, introducing a new package tour to Malaysia, invites Army personnel and members of their families to make use of this concessionary project after offering loan facilities to members of the Army.

The first tour of the year is set to commence on 17 April and end on 21 April, 2016 with three overnight stays in Malaysia at a cost of Rs 55,000/=, inclusive of accommodation, travel and food during the visit.

Army personnel who hold the membership in the Army Welfare Association, managed by the Directorate of Welfare, are thus entitled to receive a loan of Rs 3 lakhs, if they so desire to participate in the tour with their family members or with others. 

Those wishing to take part in the tour are requested to reserve their seats by contacting following telephone numbers;

          Mobile            - 076 6907744 / 076 6907745
          Telephone     - 011 2333136 / 011 2333137