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17th June 2021 18:31:54 Hours

One more Discussion at NOCPCO Reviews Developments

Another round of discussion on the status quo, related to spread/prevention of the epidemic, ongoing travel restrictions, conduct of PCR tests, evaluation of the outcome of travel restrictions, identification of new variants, focus on affected patients in society, possibility for increase of PCRs from outside for better results, quick transmission of information on deaths and infected numbers, procedures, maintenance of ICCS and readiness for contingencies got underway this afternoon (16) at the Rajagiriya (NOCPCO).

General Shavendra Silva, Head, NOCPCO, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army and Medical Specialist, Dr Asela Gunawardene, Director General of Health Services headed the review meeting at the NOCPCO, attended by NOCPCO Task Force members, Medical Specialists, Administrators and other stakeholders.

General Shavendra Silva informed the gathering of the exit strategy under formulation level after it was presented to HE the President. It was to be revealed to the general public also with specified details and procedures, he said. The present status of the vaccination programme in the country was also reviewed, citing status quo of respective provinces around the country. He also touched on the rectification of delays in the transmission of information, related to deaths and infected ones and stressed the need to further improve such transmission, etc for greater credibility.

Afterwards, the Director General Health Services spoke on the categories of deaths, being identified as at present and explained the global status of the pandemic, latest status in Sri Lanka with figures deaths, positive cases ,patients at ICCs and Hospitals, ICU facilities, Non-ICU facilities, burials, etc.

Further, he informed that if the patient can be identified and put strictly on bed rest, one can prevent a lot of deaths. Doctors of the epidemiology unit, other stakeholders also expressed their views during this discussion.