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12th October 2016 18:24:43 Hours

One More Civil Affair Course Commenced

One more course on ‘civil affairs coordination’ for the officers organized by the Directorate of Psychological Operations commenced on Tuesday (11) at Sri Lanka Armored Corps Headquarters Colombo 14.

A total of 25 senior officers including middle grade officers follow the course which continues until October 28.

The course conducted for the 13 time intends to enhance knowledge of the officers on management of civil affairs, corporation with civil society, comprehension of religious and cultural differences traditions and ethics in respective societies etc.

Major General A. P De Z Wikramaratne, Director General General Staff conducted the inaugural lecture during the opening session of the course.

Brigadier G. V Ravipriya, Director Training together with Brigadier M. D Wijesundara, Director Psychological Operations, Brigadier D. T Gamage, Centre Commandant, Sri Lanka Armored Corps and Brigadier D. M. U. G Bandara, Brigade Commander, Commando Regiment also attended the occasion.