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06th June 2023 17:17:32 Hours

Officers’ Training Day Reviews ‘Role of MIR’

The Officers’ Training Day - 1/2023, organized by the Mechanized Infantry Regiment (MIR) got underway on 26 May 2023 at the MIR Regimental Centre with the participation of Senior Officers/Officers.

The day’s proceedings commenced with morning physical training sessions, followed by foot/sword drills. The officers of 1 Mechanized Infantry Regiment meanwhile conducted a timely important syndicate presentation on the ‘Role of the Mechanized Infantry Regiment’ in an attempt to respond to emergency Disaster Relief Force.

Lieutenant Colonel R.M.H.B Rathnayake RSP USP psc, Staff Officer 1 - Career Progression of the Military Secretary Branch also conducted a lecture on ‘Officers’ Career Progression’.

In the evening, the Diners’ Club session was conducted at the Regimental Officers’ Mess. The General Officer Commanding of 61 Infantry Division, Major General H.M.U Herath RWP RSP VSV USP Hdmc psc delivered a lecture on ‘Asymmetric Warfare’ to enlighten the officers’ knowledge on the subject area.

The training day was organized on the directions and supervision of Major General D.M.K.D.B Pussella RWP RSP, Colonel of the Regiment - MIR and Commander, Security Forces - West and Brigadier A. M. A Abeysinghe RWP RSP USP psc, Centre Commandant, Mechanized Infantry Regimental Centre.