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27th April 2021 22:38:49 Hours

NOCPCO Task Force Evaluates Current COVID-19 Developments & Emergency Arrangements

In the wake of resurgence of COVID-19 threat, one more reviewing discussion with all Task Force members and other stakeholders fighting against transmission of COVID-19 took place this afternoon (27) at the National Operations Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), chaired by General Shavendra Silva, Head, NOCPCO, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army and Dr Asela Gunawardena, Medical Specialist and Director General of Health Services.

During this discussion, General Shavendra Silva explained the gathering as regards the present status of the pandemic and behaviour of the new COVID-19 virus during the 3rd stage. He also briefed on the new isolated areas of the country and justified the need to go for such lockdowns, designed to prevent further transmission.

The NOCPCO Head elaborated the attendees on implementation of strategies for isolation of areas and repercussions that were associated with the ongoing London AL examination.

The Director General of Health Services emphasized that the human behaviour would remain the most critical factor in today's context which would eventually decide the future of the nation.

He also touched on the preparedness of the hospitals for emergency needs and supply of oxygen for urgent requirements in the event of any sudden rise of affected numbers in the island.

Meanwhile, other stake holders also discussed the general matters, related to isolation, readiness of health sector, preparedness of essential services, oxygen supplies, health staff, arrival of expatriates, quarantine centres, procedures and process of vaccination, including second phase of the vaccine for all members who had already received the first dose.

Likewise, the commissioner of the Colombo Municipal Council requested the assistance of the Army for distribution of the financial relief of Rs 5000 among the beneficiaries. The Army Chief assured that the assistance of the Army could also be made available for this specific need.