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29th June 2020 13:48:51 Hours

NOCPCO Head Tells ‘Other Side of the Story on COVID-19 Control’ in ‘Big Focus’

‘Big Focus’ of ‘Derana’ TV this morning (29) in a wide-ranging interview with the Head of the National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva on the ‘Other Side of the Story on COVID-19 Control’, commented on the Visionary and guiding support, Extended continuously by HE the President, Prime Minister and the government, Close coordination with Health Minister, Director General of Health Services, Medical Specialists, Army’s strategic interaction with other stakeholders, Quick operational aspects with new innovations, Use and coordination of intelligence, Adaptability of Security Force personnel for civil coordination work, Communicative strategies and how the people were convinced, Improvisation of government sector and private sector-run hospitals, Hotels as Quarantine Centres (QCs), the End-result, etc.

To be in line with the motto, ‘Nothing is Impossible,’ Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva reminded that Sri Lanka being a small nation maintains the Armed Forces through the tax-payers’ money and therefore we need to protect this nation from whatever the national emergency it is faced with, not only in times of security alone as we have repeatedly proved. Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva referring to the ongoing extensive discussions on the ‘Way Forward Strategy 2020-2025’ of the Army, aimed at transforming the Army to be a professionally-competent and fully-pledged organization which can deal with any eventualities in future, said that the tri services with the blessings of HE the President would usher in a new era of development.

Here appears the full video programme, moderated by the popular compére, Chathura Alwis;