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26th November 2021 23:00:57 Hours

NOCPCO Head Stresses Need for Contingency Plans During Festive Season

“We have around 700 positive cases at present a day and still 20-30 deaths per day. Compared to the last week, there is an increase in numbers. We have managed to vaccinate 84% of the eligible population through the facilitation of the Health Ministry and the government facilitation. It was what was expected from us by the Nation and we have now started the inoculation of the booster dose,” so said General Shavendra Silva, Head, National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army addressing the routine NOCPCO Task Force meeting, held today (25) at Rajagiriya.

He also observed that there are still certain percentages of adults above 60 years who have still not received the first dose of the vaccine. They appear to be not interested in getting any type of vaccines despite many awareness programmes. When it comes to the booster dose, the percentage of adults taking it is still very low unfortunately. However, all attempts must be made to increase that percentage too in the coming days, he added.

“As the festive season is forthcoming soon, we are compelled to be ready with contingency plans in the event of any sudden surge of the new cases, for which the public have to hold responsibility and take necessary precautionary measures in advance. Continued adherence to standard health protocols, being repeatedly reminded by respective authorities is needed to be given due attention without forcing authorities for any lockdowns. Similarly, the vaccination programme would also continue for school children and also inoculation of the booster doses, etc while simultaneously educating the public on any vulnerable outbreak in coming months during festive seasons,” General Shavendra Silva pointed out.

The Commander also thanked all participants in the discussion sessions and congratulated relevant authorities for managing to get the LAMP test kits approval for Sri Lanka, enabling the public to undergo self-testing for detection of COVID-19 infection.

Director General Health Services and a few participants in the NOCPCO meeting shared their views on the status quo.