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22nd February 2021 16:35:51 Hours

NOCPCO Head Flatly Rejects Attributed Statements in Social Media Web Portal

The National Operations Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCOPCO) categorically denies the context in a Sinhala news web portal in social media that appeared on Monday (22-02-2021) attributing to General Shavendra Silva, in which the Head of the NOCPCO had been misleadingly quoted having alleged that "he was compelled to pull out a section of Army personnel, engaged in COVID-19 control work in order to deploy them elsewhere for arrest of anti-social elements, drug barons, suicide bombers and other criminals."

The said report further alleged that "health authorities have been forced to review the control work now in uncertainty since the Army support was not forthcoming any longer." These statements were totally fabricated, untrue and misleading to state the least.

Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army General Shavendra Silva as Head, NOCPCO refusing these misleading and inaccurate comments point-blank denies having made any such statement to that effect before Health officials at the NOCPCO or to this particular web portal as alleged in the said report. He further urges concerned social media activists to refrain from publishing such irresponsible statements that would dishearten all involved in this national task while distorting the truth. (Ends)