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21st June 2020 14:49:09 Hours

No New Positive Cases Reported - NOCPCO

The Flight No AI 281 from Mumbai with 240 passengers will arrive in Sri Lanka today (22). All of them will be sent to Quarantine Centres (QCs), managed by tri services for necessary quarantine process, a statement issued this morning (22) by the National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO) stated.

523 individuals after completion of the quarantine process leave for their homes yesterday (21) after conduct of PCR tests and with Quarantine Certificates.

By today (22), a total of 16,076 quarantined individuals from tri service-managed QCs have left for their homes. As of now, 3,958 persons are in quarantine in 41 island-wide QCs, run by tri services.

By this morning (0600 am), no COVID-19 positive cases were reported. Similarly, 26 individuals, 22 overseas-based Sri Lankans and 04 heroic sailors after recovery left hospitals today (22), the statement ended.