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19th February 2016 00:49:45 Hours

'Nippon Maru' Youths Receive First-Hand Experience Visiting 'Mihindu Seth Medura'

A group of 40 foreign youths on board the vessel, ‘Nippon Maru’, together with 10 Sri Lankan youths of the National Youth Council on Monday (15) called at the Attidiya ‘Mihindu Seth Medura’ (MSM) wellness resort for dependent War Heroes as part of their interactive educational, social, cultural and familiarization programme while staying in the host country.

The group on arrival at the MSM was received warmly by Brigadier S.K Thiruwanakarusu, Director Rehabilitation, Brigadier W.S Rajakaruna, Deputy Director Rehabilitation, Colonel P.S Thilakarathne, Ragama Ranaviru Sevana, Deputy Commandant, Lieutenant Colonet B.L Ranasinghe, Commanding Officer, Ragama Ranaviru Sevana and Colonel I.G.R.G Bogodawatte, Commandant, MSM and conducted to the main hall in a procession, coloured with Kandyan Ves dancers.

A presentation, submitted by the Ragama Ranaviru Sevana Commanding Officer on the rehabilitation process of the inmates residing in all rehabilitation and wellness centres of the Army and the general roles and tasks of those places, enlightened the visiting youths before a musical entertainment, rich with dancers was staged by members of the Army cultural troupe.

Afterwards, the visitors on their own interacted with the inmates freely and shared views with the intention of receiving a first-hand experience and inquiring into their wellbeing since such visits would help broaden their understanding with other nations. Those visitors also closely watched and evaluated handicrafts and artifacts which have been produced by the inmates at the MSM. 

The ‘Nippon Maru’ vessel which arrived in Sri Lanka with more than 250 youths representing different nations in the world remained at the Colombo harbour for four days under Japan-Sri Lanka friendship exchange programme.