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20th May 2020 20:45:11 Hours

Newly Innovated Spraying Platform Gifted to Troops Engaged in COVID-19 Roles

A mobile disinfectant spraying platform, skillfully crafted on conceptual and creative inputs of Major General (retd) Renuka Rowell, a veteran Signalman, Major General Pradeep De Silva, General Officer Commanding, 57 Division and through the coordination of a few others, belonging to the Ironman 4x4 Community Emergency Response Team (I-CERT) - Sri Lanka was gifted recently to the Sri Lanka Army for facilitation of COVID-19 prevention roles.

Mr S.A.M Chandrasoma, founder father of the I-CERT innovated disinfection machines earlier too with much flexibility by using an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) which can be improvised to be an ATV mounted mobile disinfectant spraying platform in view of the fast transmission of the pandemic world-wide. The team delivered the platform to Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army for use among troops engaged in the preventive work as it is easy, technically sound and highly productive.

This platform machine has access to narrow paths and is capable of minimizing human contacts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, equipped with a hose that can go even deeper.

CBRN troops of the Sri Lanka Army are presently using this spraying platform to disinfect public places, railway stations, etc.

Ironman 4x4 Community Emergency Response Team (I-CERT) in Sri lanka is currently performing a greater role in disaster and emergency situations as a volunteer organization.