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Published on - 0/0/0000

New Ruse by Tigers Seeking HRC Help to Escape

A 37-YEAR-OLD father of three children who operated in Jaffna area as an LTTE intelligence cadre has reportedly sought assistance of the Jaffna Human Right Commission (HRC) claiming that he was under death threats, but subsequent follow - up of his conduct proved that his house was used as a storage of arms, ammunition, explosives and warlike items for the LTTE.

The LTTE intelligence cadre, Pedurepulle Jeyamugan alias LTTE\'s Kaushalyan had 26 explosives filled chargers of 23 kg each, eight suicide jackets, six T-56 ammunition boxes, one T-56 weapon, one GPS (Global Positioning System), five cellular phones with two chargers, two communication sets, one satellite phone, three claymore mines, five remote controller units, four military-type uniforms, thirty-five metres of thread, three battery chargers, one claymore fuse, one charger used for artillery guns, five 40 mm grenade launcher bombs, 24 kg of C 4 explosives in twelve bags, four claymore holders, nineteen fuses, twenty T 56 magazines, 790 rounds of T 85 ammunition, one UPS, four Identity Cards, one driving licence, one pistol silencer, six weapon cleaning rods, high explosive chargers, twenty one boxes of steel bolls, 6 kg of explosives in three boxes, field dressings, wire rolls, detonators, some packets of chlorine powder and one claymore remote control manual concealed inside his house at Thirunaveli on October 17.

The police assisted by the troops inspected his house, following information that he was engaged in collecting details about the whereabouts of the troops and their movements in the peninsula.

However, he was arrested, the same day, though his wife and two of his children were spared in view of humanitarian concerns. In his complaint to the HRC, he had claimed that he has been threatened with death. However he declined to identify or reveal the people who were threatening him with death. He contacted the HRC on August 19 to lodge a complaint but was consistently observed by the Army intelligence unit until his house was searched.

This shows how the LTTE terrorists, citing various reasons, were trying hard to disguise themselves while continuing with their attacks against members of the security forces. (Courtesy: Sunday observer)