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12th January 2016 16:54:00 Hours

NCOTS Organizes Lectures

The Non-Commissioned Officers Training School (NCOTS) at Kalaoya organized a 10-day long orientation training course from January 4 to 11 for 192 Non Commissioned Officers who are waiting to follow vocational courses at the Vocational Training Authority of Sri Lanka (VTA) before they retire from the Army.

The induction training commenced on the directions of Brigadier K. D. C. G. J.  Tilakarathne, Commandant, NCOTS  to enlighten the  trainees on the  importance of vocational training courses conducted by the VTA,  drug prevention, career development, mediation and mindfulness, values, prevention of sexually transmitted disease  (STD),  personal hygiene, financial management, civil law, development of positive thinking  & attitude and leadership.

Dr Lalith Dharmasiri together with 4 other medical staff representing the STD Unit at Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital  conducted a lecture on  prevention of sexually- transmitted diseases.

In the meantime, a special lecture on ‘Sound Detecting Sensors’ was conducted by Professor Gamini Karunasiri , a lecturer at Naval Post Graduate School , California, USA during  a separate lecture session, organized by the same school to educate all Officers and Senior Non Commissioned Officers (SNCO) in the school on Thursday (7).