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08th August 2020 17:54:03 Hours

More Sri Lankans to be Repatriated-NOCPCO

Not a single COVID-19 infected patient has been reported in the past 24 hours and the total number of infected detainees at the Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre for Drug addicts at Kandakadu stands at 604 as of this morning (8) by 6.00 am. Of them, 483 individuals are detainees under rehabilitation, 67 staff members, 5 guest staffers, 48 family members and close associates and 01 person who got in contact with the infected one in the Welikada Prison, states the National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO).

The flight UL 1160 from India with 164 passengers, the flight QR 668 from Doha with 17 passengers,the flight 6E 9035 from Chennai with 19 passengers and the flight UL 1042 from Mumbai with 2 passengers arrived in Colombo and all of them were referred to Quarantine Centres, managed by tri services this morning (8). Further, the flight UL 1102 from the Maldives with 187 passengers is expected to arrive in Sri Lanka this afternoon (8) and all of them will be sent to the quarantine centres for quarantine process.

Meanwhile, 68 quarantined persons from Nipuna Boossa (8) Mihinthale (1),Punani (10),Rajagiriya(6),Hotel Dolphin (4) and 39 quarantined individuals from Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps' Quarantine Centre after completion of the process are set to leave for their homes within the course of today (8).

As of today (8), 29,621 individuals after completion of the Quarantine Process have left for their homes. Likewise, 1856 persons in 33 tri-service -managed QCs are still in quarantine. Within yesterday (7), 910 PCR tests were carried out and the total PCR tests conducted in the country so far stands at 167,672. Similarly, 23 fully recovered patients have left hospitals by this morning. Of them, 05 were Sri Lankan expatriates who were identified as positive while being inside QCs and the rest, 18 infected persons were locally identified.

To - date (8), 409 COVID-19 positive personnel, connected to Kandakadu Rehabilitation Centre were fully recovered and 195 individuals are still under treatment.