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06th September 2023 18:46:09 Hours

Military Intelligence Corps Seva Vanitha Members Share Pleasantries with War Heroes at 'Abhimansala 1'

The Military Intelligence Corps Seva Vanitha Branch (MIC –SVB) members on 19 August 2023 undertook a visit to the 'Abhimansala - 1' wellness resort in Anuradhapura, intending to inquire about the welfare of War-Heroes undergoing rehabilitation.

MIC-SVB members during their sojourn interacted with the War-Heroes, inquiring not only about their own well-being, but also about the welfare of their family members. These interactions provided a platform to share their stories and experiences by which spirits of concern and belongingness were well articulated.

Before their departure, MIC - SVB presented each War-Hero with a gift box containing essential sanitary items.

The day was made even more special when they were treated to snacks and refreshments, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A wheelchair-borne resident in the wellness resort welcomed the Chairperson, MIC - SVB Mrs. Rajitha Jayasooriya by offering a sheaf of betel leaves upon her arrival at the venue.