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15th May 2024 14:13:15 Hours

Members of SLSR-SVB Visits Abimansala III, Kurunegala

The Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment - Seva Vanitha Branch (SLSR - SVB) visited the Abimansala III, Kurunegala on 11 May 2024 with the intention of inquiring about the wellbeing of War Heroes undergoing recuperation and rehabilitation on the premises.

The visit was conducted under the guidance of Mrs. Neluka Nanayakkara, the Chairperson of SLSR - SVB and the members of SLSR -SVB had a cordial interaction with the resident War Heroes. Afterwards, a set of communication equipment worth of 150000/- was donated to the centre. Later on, the visitors engaged in offering tea for the inmates.

Subsequently, a musical event was also organized to uplift the spirits of the War Heroes, providing moments of joy and relaxation. Senior Officers, Officers and Other Ranks were also present during the visit.