Sri Lanka Army

Defenders of the Nation

14th April 2019 00:00:00 Hours

May Sinhala & Hindu New Year - 2019 Usher in Fresh Thoughts, Happiness & Prosperity !

Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, all Senior Officers, Officers, Other Rankers and Members of the Civil Staff in the Army wish All of You a very Happy & Prosperous Sinhala & Hindu New Year 2019 !

Here follows the Commander’s New Year Message ;


At this auspicious hour when all Sri Lankans celebrate the traditional cultural festival of Sinhala and Hindu New Year, I wish to extend my warm seasonal greetings to all members of the Sri Lanka Army.

In the far eastern astrology as well as in astronomy it is admitted that the transition of the sun, the star which emits the most energetic power from Meena Rashi (House of Pisces) to Mesha Rashi (House of Aries) marks the dawn of the New Year.

In other words, it symbolizes and highlights the inseparable union between man and nature. This cultural festival mainly focuses on the possibilities of laying a new basis for a better future, rich with human virtues and values as it dawns.

Here both Sinhalese and Hindus while engaging in religious observances and concentrating on one common activity at the same time vow to promote mutual co-existence and join hands together to peacefully live, devoid of ethnic or religious differences.

Sri Lanka Army is consistently working towards promotion of a society where everybody can live in peace and reconciliation in a united country. Members of the Sri Lanka Army, who fought with utmost dedication during the time of war, are equally committed to a special task on behalf of the country. This commitment to duty has earned the organization a reputation from the general public as ‘Defenders of the Nation’ (Rata Rakina Jathiya). My fervent request from you is to honour that faith, imposed by the people and help further promote it.

I wish that you would be blessed with strength, courage and best of luck in this New Year to discharge duties, entrusted to you as a dedicated and disciplined set of soldiers.

I take this opportunity to transfer merits to all those who sacrificed their lives for the country and wish them attain supreme bliss of Nirvana. Likewise, I wish all those brother members of the Army who are still under rehabilitation and recuperation receive speedy recovery and well-being.

Finally, I convey my heartiest wishes to all serving members of the Army, family members of fallen War Heroes and serving members, civil staffers and their family members and to all in the Army a very happy and prosperous New Year that would realize all your dreams and hopes.

Wish all of you a Happy New Year!