Sri Lanka Army

Defender of the Nation

13th April 2024 20:00:00 Hours

May New Year Usher in Prosperity, Happiness & Peace to All !

Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage RWP RSP ndu, the Commander of the Army, in his Sinhala & Tamil New Year message, extends warmest New Year greetings to all in the Army and wishes the best of luck and prosperity!

Here follows the full text of his New Year message:

Message of the Commander of the Army on the Sinhala and Hindu New Year - 2024

First and foremost, I extend my best wishes to all members of the Sri Lanka Army for the Sinhala and Hindu New Year 2024. This festival, marking the transition from Pisces to Aries, is an occasion for Sri Lankans to come together, fostering cultural unity and paving the way for a brighter future. Emphasizing traditional customs, New Year games, and religious activities, we aim to strengthen bonds and embrace auspicious rituals.

Undoubtedly, the past years have presented challenges for our nation. I commend each of you for your unwavering dedication and professionalism during these testing times. Thanks to the vision of our Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and the Honourable President, along with the commitment of our security forces and the entire nation, our country is steadily progressing towards stability, making this New Year celebration even more meaningful.

Throughout history, the Sri Lanka Army has tirelessly defended the motherland and its people. We gratefully remember the sacrifices made by our soldiers in defeating terrorism, which allows us to celebrate the New Year with renewed hope. On this occasion, we honour the heroic soldiers who laid down their lives for our country's sovereignty and freedom, and we pray for the swift recovery of those still undergoing treatment.

The Army remains steadfast in its duty to contribute to a prosperous nation. Your discipline and professionalism are commendable, setting an example for the nation and the world. Continuous training and a proud attitude are fundamental in fulfilling our responsibilities effectively. As the Commander of the Army, my goal is to nurture a cadre of highly skilled and professional soldiers.

It is crucial to acknowledge that the Sri Lanka Army has triumphed over every challenge it has encountered, highlighting the necessity of continuing our duties with unwavering commitment and collaboration in the times ahead. Safeguarding our motherland by thwarting threats against our sovereignty and territorial integrity stands as the primary obligation of the Sri Lanka Army. Therefore, it is essential that we persist in upholding the honour and esteem we have garnered as proud members of our esteemed Army.

In the recent past, structural reforms have been implemented to ensure the Army's future progress and the welfare of our members and their families. Infrastructure developments across Army camps, including field headquarters, regimental centers, battalions, and training schools, reflect our commitment to providing a conducive working environment while upholding the dignity of our soldiers.

We are all entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the reputation and honour of the Sri Lanka Army as valiant defenders of our state. I extend my warmest wishes for a joyous and prosperous Sinhala and Tamil New Year to all soldiers, civilian staff, and their families as we embark on this new chapter together.

May the triple gem bless you!

Lieutenant General
Commander of the Army