Sri Lanka Army

Defender of the Nation

Published on - 8/26/2005


LTTE mobs numbering over sixty swooped on three major United Nations (UN) compounds at KILINOCHCHI and tried to bring down UN flags flying at half-mast to coincide with the day of National mourning and of the funeral of Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister Mr. LAKSHMAN KADIRGAMAR who was tragically assassinated by LTTE snipers on 12 August 2005.

LTTE mobs in KILINOCHCHI at the very outset demanded the UN agencies not to fly the UN flag at half-mast in the UNHCR,UNDP and UNICEF compounds but the UN staff reportedly refused to comply with the group's demand and went on raising the UN flags as a sign of respect and solidarity at the Nation's hour of grief.

Unconfirmed reports further said that those LTTE mobs after forcibly removing the UN flags took them away paying no regard to the mission the UN were fulfilling in Sri Lanka and particularly in KILINOCHCHI. Meanwhile, United Nations (UN) Humanitarian and Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka Mr Miguel Bermeo on Tuesday (16) has lodged a strong protest to the LTTE leadership and warned LTTE in the strongest possible terms asking the LTTE to ensure that no such recurrence would occur in the future.

The UN has in a Press Release issued on Tuesday (16) said the UN is disturbed and saddened by the incidents at KILINOCHCHI and reminded the LTTE that they (UN) are here to serve the needs of all the people of Sri Lanka and they (UN) expect that UN staff and property should be respected and protected if they are able to fulfill their mission

“In the wake of these incidents, the UN Humanitarian and Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka has issued a protest to the LTTE and also requested that the LTTE ensure such incidents do not occur again. The government of Sri Lanka has also been informed accordingly,” the Press Release added.