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Published on - 1/6/2008

Leading Terrorist Leader among the Killed?

COLOMBO: LATEST REPORTS that reached COLOMBO this morning( 6) in the aftermath of a series of LTTE military set backs in the past 48 hours confirmed one of the leading Tiger leaders, CHARLES of the LTTE Intelligence Wing has died in the clashes.

Meanwhile, Defence Ministry in a separate story on the same incident said 'Head of LTTE\'s \'military\' intelligence wing SHANMUGANATHAN RAVISHANKAR, alias Charles is reported killed along with three other terrorists following an ambush by SL elite forces, at general area North of MANNAR, yesterday (January 05) evening, reported pro-LTTE news sources.

This time it was Charles, a self styled \"Colonel\" and head of LTTE\'s \'military\' intelligence wing and, deputy of POTTU AMMAN. Wanni sources, say he was killed caught in a military ambush while traveling on a van.

The attack is believed to have reverberated into the Wanni heartland causing fear and anxiety among the senior LTTE profiles, at a time where the security forces were knocking the doors to KILINOCHCHI.

Last Wednesday, LTTE terrorists triggered a claymore blast in Slave Island, COLOMBO killing five including two school children and an Army officer, while injuring 23 others.

And last November 02, Thamil Chelvan, then head of LTTE\'s \'political\' unit, was killed when he was hit by an aerial bomb in a SLAF launched attack while hiding inside an underground bunker in KILINOCHCHI.

Earlier Defence Secretary Mr. GOTABAYA RAJAPAKSA declared in a news interview that, LTTE movements were no secret to the SL intelligence circuits. Sending an alert to the Wanni leadership to renounce violence he said, \"We are after PRABAKARAN. We are specifically targeting their leadership.\"