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Kukuleganga to Join Bandwagon of Motor Sports- Army Announces Arrangements

The 'Kukuleganga Speed Climb 2021', the latest Army induction to join the bandwagon of popular 'driving and riding' spree, making new strides into motor racing and riding is set to kick off during 10-11 April 2021 at the newly Kukuleganga Motor Racing Track with the participation of more than 120 riders and 80 racing drivers from all over Sri Lanka, a Media Conference, held at the Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (SLEME) Regimental Headquarters in Colombo 02 was told on Wednesday (31) .

The media briefing, headed by Deputy Chief of Staff Sri Lanka Army and the Chairman of Sri Lanka Army Motor Sports Association, Major General Wasantha Madola was jointly organized by the Army Motor Sports Association and the Motor Racing Association of Sri Lanka.

Colonel Commandant of SLEME and Vice President of the Sri Lanka Army Motor Sports Association, Brigadier Indu Samarakoon, Chief Executive Officer Maharaja Televisions (Pvt) Ltd, Mr Susara Dinal, Chief Executive Officer of Hutch Telecommunications Sri Lanka, Ms. Ramzina Laai and President of the Motor Racing Association of Sri Lanka, Mr. Isvan Ahamed were also associated with the head table.

The fully carpeted new racing track in the picturesque hilly areas of Kukuleganga runs in the climb to show case the adventurous recitation provides a platform to push Drivers and Riders beyond their average performances, to achieve greatest skills and talents. The track runs 900 m up to the mount, with a 10 m width and 60 degree gradient and consists of 7 corner, comprised of 2 sharp bends, the gathering was told.

The highest mount and the finishing point enclave 120 m from the mean sea level, provides 90 m climb from the starting point to finishing point and it would certainly offer a thrilling and exciting motor sporting spectacle, held for the first time in Kukuleganga area in Sri Lanka. It is scheduled for 10-11 April 2021, Major General Madola added.

Following categories of cars and motor bicycles qualify to enter the races:


1. Group M Super Sport Motorcycles, over 175 up to 250cc 4T

2. Group M Super Sport Motorcycles, 400 cc up to 600cc 4T

3. Group M Super Sports Motorcycles, 900cc up to 1000cc 4T

4. Group M, One-make Kawasaki Tracker, 250cc

5. Group M, Sports Touring Motorcycles, up to 600cc

6. Group SM, Super Motard Motorcycles, over 175cc up to 250cc 4T

7. Group SM, Super Motard Motorcycles, over 250cc Open

8. Group M, over 100cc upto 125cc 2T

9. Group M, Sports Touring Motorcycles, over 700cc Open

10. Group O, Standard Motorcycles over 125 cc up to 160cc 4T

11. Group O, One-make Yamaha FZ 160cc

12. Automatic Transmission Scooter, Over 90cc up to 115cc


1. Group E cars up to & including 1000cc, (One Make Nissan March) |

2. Group E cars up to and including 1300 (One Make Ford Laser/Mazda 1300cc)

3. Group N cars up to and including 1300cc (One Make Ford Laser/Mazda 1300cc)

4. Group N cars up to and including 1500cc (One Make Ford Laser/Mazda 1500cc)

5. Group A cars Mini 7

6. Group A cars up to 1050cc

7. Group S cars up to 1500cc

8. Group H cars, SLH 1600cc

9. Group H cars, SLH 2000cc (One Make- Subaru Legacy)

10. Group H cars, up to 1275cc

11. Group GT cars up to 3500cc

12. Group T &J

13. Formula McLarens 1300cc, EFL

14. Formula Ford 1600

15. Modified Formula Cars up to 1665cc