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Published on - 10/3/2007

Jaffna Troops Recover Suicide Jackets &; Weapons

JAFFNA: TROOPS serving JAFFNA peninsula, in another major breakthrough in their search for terrorist arms and ammunition this evening (3) recovered a large stock of arms and ammunition including suicide jackets.

Troops following information received from a civilian conducted a search operation in the general area, west of WALIKAMAM, JAFFNA Wednesday (3) evening around 4.00 p.m.

During this search troops recovered four suicide jackets, two claymore mines (15 kg and 4 kg), four remote control devices, two T-56 weapons, eight T-56 magazines, five hundred rounds of T-56 ammunition, ten hand grenades, one area map, three LTTE radio sets, twenty-four detonators, thirty claymore mine batteries and two Army uniforms buried in an abandoned land.