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Italian Tamils Propose MR be Awarded Nobel Prize

ONE of the largest trade unions in Italy, in which members of the Tamil Diaspora are very active, has proposed that President Mahinda Rajapaksa be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his successful effort to wipe out terrorism from Sri Lanka.

In a statement issued to the Government of Sri Lanka, through the Sri Lankan Embassy in Italy, the Union has also thanked the President for having sent Hemantha Warnakulasuriya to Italy as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador. It says that the Ambassador has performed his duties outstandingly.

"The world is full of news on how President Mahinda Rajapaksa defeated the most feared terrorist organization in the World, the LTTE, which had terrorized Sri Lanka for three decades. Thus for this he deserves to be awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize," the statement said.

Giving reasons for thanking the President for having appointed Hemantha Warnakulasuriya as the Ambassador, the Union that previously the Embassy staff had discriminated between Sinhalese and Tamils but the present envoy since his arrival had changed it and had the Embassy staff treat all alike. He had also put an end to bribery and through their Union served the Lanka Diaspora and when others protested provided security and appointed a translator to serve the union.

They also thanked Ambassador Warnkulasuriya for treating them with respect and allowing them to participate on behalf of the Tamils in Arts and Cultural events organized by the Sri Lankan Government and for providing security for the artistes.

When certain elements, who were unable to bear their growth and success, spread false rumours against them saying that they were LTTE supporters the Ambassador had the stories investigated and on finding the truth had invited them to express his regret for the mistakes made.

They thanked the Ambassador for implementing the mobile service project based on their 2006 proposals which were abandoned by the former officials, for appreciating their efforts and services in the presence of all those present at the function organized by the Embassy and also for highlighting their services through the Internet to all Tamils.

They also thanked the Ambassador for his magnanimous and humane gesture in going to their assistance financially out of his personal funds when they were faced with financial crisis, and for continuing to help them in programmes which he considered as useful to the country’s structure in the future.

They also thanked him for bringing about the present peaceful atmosphere by accepting their memorandum on "Peace without shedding blood" already addressed to the President of Sri Lanka in respect of the Tamils and for thanking them and appreciating their efforts when they presented proposals for fund collection on behalf of displaced Tamils.

The Statement also said: "We have no doubt that if capable envoys of Ambassador Hemantha Warnkulasuriya’s caliber are appointed as Ambassadors all over the world, our Sri Lankans living in all parts of the world will not have to face unnecessary problems. This will also lead to all Sri Lankans living as one people, as one nation, under one umbrella. Our multi ethnic organization will also undertakes to cooperate and extend our support to the government in all its healthy programs. (Courtesy: The Island)