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23rd January 2019 21:12:47 Hours

Inter Regiment Tennis Championship Gives Win to VIR & SLEME Players

The Army’s Inter Regiment Tennis Championship - 2018, competed by 12 Regiments of the Army drew to a close on Tuesday (22) at the Security Force Headquarters - East (SFHQ-E) Tennis Court in Welikanda in the presence of Lieutenant General Mahesh Senanayake, Commander of the Army as the Chief Guest.

Inter Regiment team matches, open single matches, open double matches, over 35 year single matches and over 35 double matches, over 45 veterans’ single matches and over 45 year veterans’ double matches, over 50 year veterans’ single matches and over 50 year veterans’ double matches were competed by more than sixty players of those regiments before the finals at Welikanda.

Players of Sri Lanka Armoured Corps (SLAC), Sri Lanka Artillery (SLA), Sri Lanka Engineers (SLE), Sri Lanka Signal Corps (SLSC), Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLLI), Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR), Gemunu Watch (GW), Gajaba Regiment (GR), Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment (VIR), Sri Lanka Army Service Corps (SLASC), Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps (SLAOC) and Sri Lanka Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (SLEME) under six categories vied to reach the final rounds. The two-week-long tournament started on 25 September 2018 and included two players of the Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps.

In the final tussle, VIR players carried away the Championship showing an exciting performance pushing their counterparts in the SLEME to qualify for the runners-up slot to claim the trophy amid roars of thundering applause. The Commander of the Army gave away the trophies and certificate to the winners and extended his best wishes for better performances in future. The Commander of the Army on arrival at the venue was warmly welcomed by Major General Aruna Jayasekara, Chairman, Army Tennis Committee and Commander, Security Forces -East.

A large gathering of Officers and Other Ranks including island-wide regimental players witnessed the finals and the closing ceremony.

Team Event


Corporal M.D.L Fernando - VIR

Corporal W.G.S.J.K Gamage - VIR

Lance Corporal P.G.M Samaraweera - VIR

Lance Corporal D.A.S Pushpa Kumara - VIR

Runners Up

Lieutenant Colonel P. Vithanage -SLEME

Sergeant G.P.P Neranjan - SLEME

Craftsman R.K.H Jayasanka - SLEME

Craftsman K. Abharajithan - SLEME

Third Place

Colonel W.L Premasiri

Private H.K.W Bandara - SLSC

Private M.A.S.L Madusanka - SLSC

Private B.V.D Sandaruwan - SLSC

Open Single

Craftsman R.K.H Jayasanka - SLEME - Champion

Craftsman M.D.L Fernando -VIR - Runners Up

Open Double (Champions)

Corporal M.D.L Fernando - VIR

Corporal W.G.S.J.K Gamage - VIR

Open Double (Runners Up)

Lieutenant Colonel P. Vithanage - SLEME

Craftsman R.K.H Jayasanka - SLEME

Over (35) Single

Lance Bombardier W.M.C Uthpala Kumara - SLA - Champion

Sergeant G.P.P Neranjan - SLEME - Runners Up

Over (35) Double (Champions)

Lieutenant Colonel P. Vithanage - SLEME

Lance Bombody W.M.C Uthpala Kumara - SLA

Over (35) Double (Runners Up)

Corporal P. Warshavithana - GR

Corporal D.M.T.A.B Dissanayaka - GR

Over (45) Double (Champions)

Major General K.P.A Jayasekara

Lieutenant Colonel P. Vithanage - SLEME

Over (45) Double (Runners Up)

Colonel W.L Premasiri

Lieutenant Colonel H.V.A Somaweera - SLLI

Over (50) Single

Colonel W.L Premasiri - Champion

Major General K.P.A Jayasekara - Runners Up

Over (50) Double (Champions)

Colonel W.L Premasiri

Colonel S.H.P.D Thilakarathna

Over (50) Double (Runners Up)

Major General K.P.A Jayasekara

Colonel T.M Abeyratne