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Initial Interviews to Recruit More Tamil Youth to Army from Kilinochchi, Now On

Initial interviews to recruit more and more Kilinochchi youth to the Army as vocational tradesmen commenced in the past week at the Harmony Centre, Kilinochchi.
Under this Phase 2, the Army expects to recruit as many as 500 young tradesmen, vocationally skilled in driving, clerical work, bakery, store-keeping, cookery, welding, agriculture, carpentry, masonry, fire extinguishing, cultural performances, electric work, general duties, etc.
During the interviews, around 25 youths with required qualifications have been so far recruited and the Security Force Headquarters - Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN) was to hold interviews in other peripheral areas in the next few days on the directions of Major General Sudantha Ranasinghe, Commander, SFHQ-KLN who has already completed the recruitment of about 125 woman soldiers from Kilinochchi areas under the Phase 1.
The interviews for recruitment, just ended in the heart of Kilinochchi town would be spread to other Grama Seva Divisions in the coming weeks as per instructions of the Commander of the Army who has directed the SFHQ-KLN to open those opportunities to the young men in Kilinochchi.  
According to Major General Sudantha Ranasinghe, the SFHQ-KLN expects to provide all facilities to those youths who would undergo an introductory military training before they were deployed as tradesmen in different projects.