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Hundreds of Central Troops Commit to Environmental Cleaning at Nallathanni

A total of 262 Army personnel including 12 Officers of the Security Forces-Central (SF-C) on Friday (29) on a directive given by Major General Ruwan de Silva, Commander, SF-C spearheaded a much-needed 'Shramadana' (self-help) project to rid heaps of environmental pollutants and garbage that had been lying along Nallathanni road that leads to the sacred 'Sri Pada' summit.

It was observed that thousands of pilgrims flocking the area on their pilgrimages had littered the area with polythene, plastic bottles and manifold pollutants which had posed a threat to the environment and remained a health hazard as dry weather spells have aggravated the situation. On being informed, the SFHQ-Central quickly responded and launched the cleaning project with so many numbers of Army personnel. As the project was on, a group of Maskeliya Pradeshiya Sabha employees and Police personnel at Nallathanniya and Maskeliya also joined hands together with Army personnel to make the meritorious act a success.

Pilgrims proceeding to the summit as well as those returning commended the Army personnel for their commitment to the well-being of the pilgrims and the public at large.