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20th August 2023 20:18:46 Hours

HQ Bn of SLAVF Provided Infrastructure Needs

The long-felt need for proper Guard Rooms, Resting Points and the Main Office Complex of the Headquarters Battalion (HQ BN) of the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force (SLAVF) was fulfilled and new constructions were added to the SLAVF main complex on Wednesday (16) during a ceremony.

It was headed by the Commandant, Major General S.U.M.N Manage WWV RWP RSP psc on the eve of his relinquishment of the SLAVF office.

The collaborative assistance of the volunteer battalions, its workforce and the respective officers of command who liaised with the Commandant in fulfilling the expected objective was closely supervised by the Deputy Commandant, Major General M.T.K.R Silva KSP of the SLAVF.

The warming ceremony of new constructions was attended by senior officers, officers, other ranks and representatives of the volunteer battalions along with customary formalities coupled with the occasion.