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06th October 2023 17:07:20 Hours

Hindu ‘Aashirwada’ Pooja Invokes Blessings on Forthcoming Army Anniversary

A special ‘Aashirwada’ Pooja (blessing ceremony) of Hindu tradition, held on Wednesday morning (5) at Mayurapathi Sri Bhadrakali Amman Kovil, Colombo 5, extended its blessings to the forthcoming 74th Anniversary of the Sri Lanka Army and the Army Day (Oct 10).

The ‘Aashirwada’ Pooja ceremony, organized by the Sri Lanka Army Hindu Association, symbolically blessed the Army Flag at first after taking it into the inner chamber of the Kovil amidst religious rites and rituals.

Brigadier K.M.P.S.B Kulathunga RSP ndc psc, Chairman of the Army Hindu Association, welcomed the day’s Chief Guest, Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage RWP RSP ndu, Commander of the Army on arrival, together with several Senior Officers and handed over the Army flag to the priests for blessings as temple bells began reverberating.

A group of Hindu priests, led by Chief Kurukkal, Rev ShivaSri Rishi afterwards performed the ‘Pooja’ and added significance and dignity to the commemoration of the forthcoming 74th Army Anniversary day.

The traditional ‘Aashirwada’ Pooja, comprised of the offering of fruits, ghee and garlands, etc to the deities is regarded as one of the most divine rituals in Hinduism where jasmine flowers were laid on the Army flags by the Army Chief symbolically in order to receive blessings.

Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage after the observances, respectfully made a cash gift to the Chairman of the Kovil Mr. Periyasami Sundaralingam for its development work on behalf of all serving the organization. The Chief Priest, Rev ShivaSri Rishi Kurukkal at this ancient temple closely coordinated the day’s arrangement with Army organizers and made it a neat and tidy arrangement.

Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff, Senior Officers, Members of the Army Hindu Association, and a few Other Ranks of the Hindu faith joined the prayer sessions.