Sri Lanka Army

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31st May 2023 20:20:57 Hours

GW Pays Tribute to Parents of Fallen War Heroes Inviting them to the HQ

On a concept of Major General E.A.D.P Edirisinghe psc, Colonel of the Regiment, Gemunu Watch and the Chairperson, Gemunu Watch-Seva Vanitha Branch (GW-SVB), a ceremony was organized in order to recognize noble sacrifices and dedication of the parents of fallen War Heroes of the Army at the Gemunu Watch Regimental Centre in Kuruwita on Saturday (20 May).

A total of 50 parents of fallen War Heroes were invited to the occasion and felicitated, appreciative of their dedication and contribution of their heroic sons and daughters for the liberation of the country from LTTE terrorism before May 2009.

During the ceremony, a floral tribute was paid to their memory at the camp monument, and it followed a ‘Dhamma’ sermon. Moreover, breakfast and lunch too were offered to those generous parents who arrived there to receive laurels. The event concluded presenting gift items to those parents of brave fallen ones.

Major General E.A.D.P Edirisinghe psc, Colonel of the Regiment Gemunu Watch and General Officer Commanding, 65 Infantry Division attended the special ceremony as a distinguished invitee who was also the tower of strength behind the implementation of the project.

A gathering of ladies and All Ranks were associated with the occasion.