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Published on - 7/9/2008

Govt will Eliminate Terrorism - Prime Minister

PRIME MINISTER Ratnasiri Wickrmanayaka yesterday told Parliament that everybody should join hands irrespective of political differences to eradicate terrorism which has become a cancerous menace to the country.

The Prime Minister starting the Emergency debate said the need of the hour is to rally round to defeat the common enemy and ensure the security of people. Time has come to put an end to terrorism. Our Armed Forces are fighting with dedication to make this objective a reality.

The Government is acting with great determination to bring peace to the country by putting a complete end to terrorism. This day will dawn very soon, he said.

“As the people's representatives, it is our responsibility to create an environment conducive to the people to go about their normal lives in peace. The people expect that us to fulfil this responsibility.

Prime Minister Wickramanayaka said this is a critical time where a conducive environment will be created in the country. We have reached a critical juncture in our fight against terrorism which has plagued our country for the past few decades. Amidst various obstacles, our war heroes are moving forward successfully defeating the enemy.

“Certain elements are attempting to undermine these military victories to achieve their narrow political objectives.

I request them not to politicise these humanitarian missions carried out by our Armed Forces,” he said. “The LTTE terrorists are facing a severe set back, and are engaging in brutal terrorist activities to redeem themselves from this pressure. Terrorists do not have any respect for nationality or morality.

They have proven this on numerous occasions by their brutal terrorist activities, he said.

The Prime Minister said terrorists who are suffering from mental disorder are ready to cause mayhem by violating even international military rules. Some foreign media had also reported on these terrorist activities.

“However our war heroes will never bow-down to these cowardly terrorist acts. Certain conspiracies are being hatched to undermine the military victories achieved.

Amidst these obstructions, our Armed Forces are achieving great victories and progressing in their quest to defeat terrorism, he said. The LTTE terrorists caused destruction in the recent past due to their inability to face challenges.

The LTTE exploded bombs on several trains and buses claiming the lives of a large number of innocent civilians. Information have been revealed about some public officials who have assisted the terrorists to conduct their terrorist activities, the Prime Minister said.

During the period from June 02 to July 01 this year, 112 Armed Forces and Police personnel have been killed due to terrorist activities. In addition 793 Armed Forces and police personnel have been injured during this period.

Forty three civilians have been killed while 61 were injured during this same period.

According to these figures, the country is losing its youth due to these terrorist activities. Therefore, it is the responsibility of everyone to join hands to eradicate terrorism, he said. (Courtesy : Daily News)