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Gifts Received by Security Forces Cricketers Gifted Again to Jaffna Youth

 A cricket tournament,  organized by the Security Forces Headquarters in Jaffna with a view to promoting goodwill between Security Forces personnel and Jaffna people was recently conducted at Jaffna Central Grounds.
 Jaffna district based  cricket teams and the Security Forces Headquarters (male and female teams) participated in the tournament. It is the first female cricket team in Jaffna to enter an  inter-provincial tournament in the North and East.

The tournament named, Security Forces Headquarters Jaffna Championship, was won by the Security Forces Headquarters teams defeating their opponents in both matches for male and female categories.

Giving a touch of difference and setting a gesture of goodwill, the Security Forces Teams who had earlier received cricket items as gifts and donations were subsequently donated to winners in the Jaffna District teams. The gesture of brotherhood and goodwill signalled a turning point in the  development of cricket among Jaffna youth.

Jaffna Commander Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe  as the Chief Guest attended the occasion while the District Secretary for Jaffna, Mr K Ganesh, Principals at Jaffna schools and a large crowd came to witness the matches.