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25th September 2020 05:36:39 Hours

First Segment of Graduates Nears Completion of Army Orientation Training

The first segment of the one-month long Army orientation-training programme, now in progress for 50,000 graduates, recruited to the public sector in line with HE the President’s ‘Saubhagayaye Dekma’ (Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour) policy statement and on HE's directions to the Army, is reaching successful completion under five independent but inter-related modules by way of lectures, discussions, outdoor training activities, team building activities, study tours, capability studies and field studies in order to energize the public sector contribution in a dynamic way.

The residential project begun on Monday (14 Sept) in 51 island-wide Army Centers including, Security Force HQs, Regimental HQs and Training Schools, consequent upon guidance given by Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army is currently training 10,000 under the Phase 1.

Implemented together with the Directorate of Training in order to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes of those recruited graduates to ensure the effective contribution to nation-building as a trained, fully-fledged and energetic workforce, the project is closely monitored by the Ministry of Defence and coordinated and supervised at all seven Security Force HQs level.

The graduates in the final two weeks systematically receive training in leadership, motivation, physical fitness and team-building with the assistance of Army lecturers and civil sector scholars. The Sri Lanka Army pays special attention to the differently able, pregnant, sick, wounded and graduates with special needs during the programme.

The Army Headquarters will also liaise with the Presidential Secretariat and the Ministry of Defence to obtain strategic guidance for the conceptualization of this graduate training programme throughout all those five months. The liaison for the training programme will be provided by the Directorate of Training at the Army Headquarters with all stakeholders at various levels.