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Published on - 11/30/2005


The first contingent of soldiers from the Gemunu Watch (GW) of Sri Lanka Army left the island Thursday (24) afternoon from the Katunayaka Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) in a special UN flight to take over duties in the State of Haiti.

The first contingent consisted of 27 Officers and 348 Other Ranks from the GW and other support units. The total number of soldiers due to be deployed in Haiti from the GW is 750. This includes 35 Officers and 527 Other Ranks from the Gemunu Watch and 13 Officers and 175 Other Ranks from other Service

Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Shantha Kottegoda accompanied by Deputy Chief of Staff, Major General Susil Chandrapala, Colonel of the Regiment, Gemunu Watch, Major General P.S.B. Kulatunge and other Senior Army Officers were present at the BIA to convey good wishes to departing troops.

The Gemunu Watch will take over duties from Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR) troops who are presently deployed on UN peacekeeping duties in Haiti. SLSR troops, relieved by the first GW contingent will return to the island on 27 November 2005.

A large crowd of well wishers and next of kin of soldiers, who were proceeding abroad to contribute their share towards maintaining world peace, were also present on the occasion.