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Final Touches to Matara 'Army Searchlight Tattoo' Underway

Final arrangements are fast nearing completion to the year’s second mammoth spectacle, the ‘Army Searchlight Tattoo’ in the southern Matara town, during Sept 23-25, beginning at 2.30 p.m. on all three days.

The fore-runner to the Army’s 62nd anniversary celebrations in early October, is to take place at Uyanwatta esplanade.  

The Matara ‘Searchlight Tattoo’ that highlights an assortment of various undisputed skills of the Army, including simulation attacks and rescue of hostages, free fall parachute jumps, dog shows, demonstration of constructing the Bailey bridge, assembling of the artillery guns and jeeps, stunt riding displays, talents of disable War Heroes, Ranabera and Bugle displays, multi media shows of humanitarian operations, physical training displays, fire work displays, model attacks on enemy strongholds, drill displays, etc coincides with the state policy of taking all major events to provincial levels.

This mega spectacle at provincial level offers the public in the Southern Province a good broad view of the country’s largest military show that mirrors multiplicity of different multitasking nature of the Army at one specific venue as defenders of the nation. 

Parachute jumping of Army Commandos and Special Forces during the three-day ‘Searchlight Tattoo’ at Matara comprises parachutists who represented Sri Lanka in several international competitions and championship tournaments. Recently Army parachutists entered the finals in “accuracy landing” category during the World Championship Tournament for Parachutists, held in China. To this date, the Army has trained more than 2000 parachutists, belonging to tri-services.

Model simulation attacks and civilian rescue operations during the final battles that brought the 30-year long war to a successful completion, and enacting of an offensive, meant to rescue soldiers from enemy clutches are expected to draw the exceptional attention of the spectators in Matara.

Thrilling feats of the dogs who have been trained to sniff explosives, conduct guard duties and do chasing, will add special interest and excitement to the day’s agenda. Assembling of jeeps and cars, artillery guns and construction of bridges in record time, in addition to motor cycling feats, drill displays, musical bands and fire works, have also been incorporated in the day’s programme. A specially produced TV documentary on the evolution of the Army will feature its achievements in the past 62 years.

Special public transport services have been organized in connection with the event and entry tickets to the ‘Searchlight Tattoo’ are available at main entrances to the ground. Last month, the Army’s Anuradhapura ‘Searchlight Tattoo’ proved a huge success.